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Rampage formula NB

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my nb temp on bios is around 47..
but i want to know the temp on load (now.. on windows)
is there any program that is able to do that?
and what is the max safe temp for the northbridge?
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Wouldn't any typical stress test also stress NB? I don't see why Prime95 or Orthos wouldn't work.
I used to use the Asus PC Probe II software to check load temps. It's not the best piece of software but it's free and will work well enough for what you need it to do.
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Use Lavalys Everest or ASUS PC Probe to read the temp.

Use LinX (max program size and max memory use)or Furmark and HCI design memtest or Prime 95 blend to stress the NB.

I have found that LinX is the one that stress it to the max.

You should not get over 50C, after that it become unstable if you start to push it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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