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Hey Guys,
I recently bought a rampage iii black edition for my ROG motherboard collection and bought it knowing it had some bent pins and may not work. I straightened the pins out and the socket looks all good, but when i power it up the CPU led is lit and i get the error codes E8, 01 and 62 which loop over and over. Ive taken the cmos battery out and swapped to the other bios chip but same thing.
Im not expecting this board to work but if it does then it'll be awesome

The error codes are:
E8 - S3 Resume Failed
01 - System is entering S1 sleep state
62 - Installation of the PCH Runtime services.

I hope this helps and someone has an idea of whether this is fixable or not.

EDIT: Just done some more research and the 62 could be b2 which is Legacy Option ROM Initialization
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