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I have 21 of these. They have just lost their stick; however, could the person who buys them buy some thermal tape that would stick? Are they worth anything?

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they're $12.50 for an 8 pack new....so that's $32.50 for 21 new....yours will be worth a lot less.
if someone got them, they could get thermal tape, or thermal adhesive
I used a bit of AS Adhesive mixed with AS5 to hold them on my vRAM.

They are still worth money without the thermal tape.
I've seen them as low as $12 for an 8 pack. Since yours are used, I'd say about $6 per 8...it might be less because the person is going to have to buy thermal tape as well when normally the heatsinks come with the thermal tape already applied.
6+ shipping for one pack...so for 21 uhh....

let's say 21 shipped and keep it simple.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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