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Im getting different bsods, memory management, Page fault in nonpaged area, IRQL..... and so on but only on first boot(s) of the day.
I have recently tried going straight into bios and let it run in there for a while, like 2-3 mins and then it boots straight away no problem that way. Looks to be a psu problem?
PSU is a Corsair RMX550, cant remember when purchased.

Quick rundown what ive being doing to computer recently.
- Computer updated to windows 10 1709 on its own.
- I bought a preowned cpu i5 3570k and swapped out my i3 3220 for it. Got bsods
- After a day or two struggling with that, i switched back cpus but bsods still remained.
- Reinstalled windows few times, still the problem.
- i5 3570k back in

Noticed theres no driver support for my motherboard ASUS P8H61-MX USB3, could potentially be that.

Maybe damaged mobo when swapping out cpus, but computer runs great once booted up.

Or big coincidence my psu decides to start packing in when i swap out cpus.
Again.. its just bsod on the first or first few boots of the day.

Any ideas? Try new mobo or new psu?

EDIT : Okay i just got a memory management bsod whilst using computer, so its not only a first boot problem now....

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try removing ram :) and place only 1 and swap them , since its memory management issue .
Clear cmos.
if possible have a boot-able usb (thumb drive ) unplug the OS drive , and run windows from it or linux and see if any issues there.
it could be the update screwed things or swapping it and the os is still the same got confused :3 i hate software , they are nonsense
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