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Random errors when installing WinXP32

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My friend just brought me this PC for me to install windows on it as he has some problems doing that.
And I'm having some problems aswell now when I tried to install windows.
Sometimes i get file cannot be copied something.dll , then when setup completes i get BSOD (once it was IQR not less or equal something , and then MEMORY MANAGEMENT something , maybe RAM problem?)
Once it stopped on 20% also.
I cleaned my CD-ROM with a special disc for cleaning , but it didnt help.
I've tried 2 LEGAL winXP disc's , but nothing seems to work.
PC is : Mobo : GA-K8VM800M , AMD Sempron 2800+ , 1 GB DDR400 ( I think , unsure ) and a harddisk of 100gb i'd guess.
Any suggestions? Could it be a RAM problem?

EDIT: Now for 5th time of trying , setup is at 67% and not moving...
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It could definitely be ram. I had the same issue, random files missing etc.

Run a memory test, like memtest86. Let it run a good 24hrs. If you don't want to try that, try running 1 stick of RAM or another type of ram.
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How do i run memtest86 on my floppy to boot from it?
I see # Floppy disk package (installable from Windows)
# Floppy disk package SMP (experimental, installable from Windows)

Which one to choose? I dont think any of these links can be bootable
I've only used the bootable CD, floppies can be a pain.

ISO image for creating bootable CD (Windows - zip)

Try that one, it worked for me fine. Just burn the ISO to a CD of your choice. Personally I use power ISO, if you need more help let me know
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It says Pass complete , press ESC to exit.
But it still does the test? Or did it just repeat ?
Try another optical drive.
I had the exact same problem. After 6 install attempts and throwing the install disk across the room, I swapped optical drives and it installed just fine.
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I had 3 tests passed , ran for 2 hours and memtest reports it with no errors...
I'll try it with the optical drive! Hope it works
OK , i switched optical drives with my working one from my PC.
And same thing , at 56% says can't copy file... This just doesen't make any sense...
Ok I tried again with another disc of XP .
It reported 1 can't copy file , but when i pressed RETRY , it worked i guess.
Then in windows install thingy , i was getting like loads of prompts about installing drivers for hardware , like they aren't tested by windows or something , but they were off the Win CD. Never had this before.
When windows was about to finish , i got an BSOD saying CDFS_FILE_SYSTEM , then i tried again , all ran fine and i got another BSOD saying PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA...
What the hell?
Well I just gave it up due to no support here and me having no idea what to do next . Nothing seemed to work .
I packed up the PC and gave it to my friend who has no idea what to do.
Tho I suggested him to change RAM .
Reps++ for the 2 guys who helped
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Did you try different RAM? I'm convinced this is the problem.
I can't because this one uses DDR1 and only ones I got are DDR2 ..
But i'll tell him to try different ram or something. Thanks for advices
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