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random freezes

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ive been have some problems with this 9950. i had a 6000+ and no problems with it. but on till i installed my 9950 i been getting random freezes and resets. i updated the bios and i even tried different os's but im still getting these freezes and restarts (which is the blue screen). im thinking it could be my memory though. can anybody help me.
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Is cool & quiet enabled? that could be part of the problem.

It sounds to me like it could be a power issue. Do you have the 140w version of the 9950? Also does the blue screen hang at all... does it immediately reboot? will it fire back up?

Have you reseated the ram yet? lots of problems on fresh builds come from poorly seated ram. I would also run memtest (tests 5 and 8 are the ones that usually produce the most failures) if you think that the ram might be the problem.

Also, I just noticed, but you have 5GB of ram? try taking out the mismatched ram, and see if that helps. The IMC can be picky at times.

Did you update to the newest BIOS? Sometimes that will help with these unexplainable errors.

Just throwing things out there, hopefully that can get you started with troubleshooting.

Good luck

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Here's a few advise:

• reset the CMOS (load default setting of BIOS)
• reseat your RAM sticks (try different slots)
• check all the cables (8-pin and 24-pin and of course, the power cable)

Good luck!
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