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Random HD slowdowns, help needed

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I was having trouble noticing slowdowns with the OS (Internet/MSN would hang randomly, entire computer would lock up for a second), so I bought a new hard drive. (WD640AALS)

Reinstalled windows 7, but started noticing the same thing happening. And here is a visual of what happens.

maybe this is a bit unfair because the computer was just done starting up
so here is another, done after a period of no activity

What are these random dips? Sometimes it gets so bad that its dip after dip after dip. Games like COD6 and Dirt 2 take ages to load.

Also, the old hard drive, which I thought was responsible, is now a secondary back up drive, but its performing well, just look

So is it an OS problem or something?
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might wanna check how often W7 puts the drives to sleep, I know it had mine sleeping every 10 minutes so all asudden it would slow then get fast.

The graphs are perfectly normal for a HDD. Might wanna check for a RAM leak and disable the page file on the OS drive.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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