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Random older stuff.

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Ok I am upgrading in a few. I have some stuff I want to get rid of.

1. Intel D845PEBT2. Looking to sell this on ebay or craigslist because I know people on OCN wouldn't want a board that doesn't OC.

2. Intel Pentium 4 2.26 ghz. Socket 478, Runs great never oced.

3. Corsair 512mb value ram. DDR-333.

4. Nvidia Ti4200 agp (Freebie?)
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Did you mean sell this on ebay or craigslist?
Can you sell things to newegg?
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OMG my bad. I need sleep.

I bought a 2.5GHz P4 on here for $15, so you could unload that for $10 without much problem.
RAM: $10 as well
GPU: wouldn't be worth your time.
What about the board? I know that sells for alot on ebay. I don't know why but it does.
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