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Random reboots caused by bad device driver!?

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JUst recently my computer has been rebooting all by itself. No BSOD at all, just *Poof* and it restarts.

Upon reboot Windows says "you computer has recovered froma serious error" and then goes on to say the error was caused by a device driver. Should I beliave Microsoft of suspect my power supply?

I have an Antec Truepower 430 watt power supply that I paid nearly $100 for. THIS THING AINT CHEAP!

And now I am really frustrated because I have no way of knowing if it is suppling enough watts/amps.

Can someone please be reasonable and tell me if I have enought watts. Here is my full system specs.

Antec Truepower 430 Watt
Gigabyte Ga-k8ns
Amd Sempron 3100 overlclocked to 2.4 @1.6 volts. w/Zalman CNPS7000 LED
AGP Radeon x800xl OC to 440:560 w/ Arctic Cooling 5
1 GB pny 3200 ram running at 2.7 volts
160 Gb Western digital HDD
1 lite-on dvd burner
1 Sony dvd cd-rw
3 LED 80mm fans

I went to a wattage calculator site and it was just barely over 300 watts. Now please don;t tell me that I don;t have enough amps. This power supply has dual 12v rails with 17 amps each.

Sisoftware enviroment monitor tells me the voltages of the lines:

CPU: 1.65
Aux: 2.75
+3.3: 3.26
+5: from 1.85-4.50!!!!!!!!!!!!
+12: 11.50
Cpu core power: 130W

Why is my voltage fluxuating so much?

Gigabyte EAsytun says all my voltages are within (+-).3v

Or could I have a short in my reset switch. It's not a heat issue because I have good cooling. I even put my old cpu fan onto the back of my PSU for better air suction.

Could the reset/power lines be shorting out. I recently was upgrading my fans and I might have connected the reset SW wires the wrong way.
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SpeedFan also reports that my +5V is fluctuating between 3-5v is this bad?
You can disable the instant restarts by going Control Panel -> System Properties -> Advanced tab and then click "Startup and Recovery". In the "System failure" section uncheck "Automatically restart".

In addition is this Win32 or Win64? It sounds like something i had in windows 64 a while back...
I always have "disable automatic restart" checked. I just installed a fresh copy of Windows and so far I have not had any restarts.
I've reciently had a 350w and 400w Antec with weak 5+ rails and both caused lockups, crashes, etc

That with as high as 4.6v on the 5+
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