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Random restarts and freezes

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Once again I am back to the beginning and my computer is haveing random restarts and freezes with games. BF2 freeze often. Sometimes the whoel computer freezes and not just the game. Same goes for CS:S Does anyone know what the cause could be? The error message thingy from microsoft said it was a device driver, but of course they dont tell u wat device driver it is!

Any suggesttions would greatly help.

Also, does anyone know of a good way to check if your RAM is bad or not?

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What speed it your ram running at?
IDK if I should just get all new RAM or not. But, i think that is the cause. But then again, teh mircosoft thing says its a device driver, so Im not sure wat to do.

Its either a heat issue, like your bios hitting its selected limit. Or it has to do with your ram...

What FSB is your ram rated for cause that could be it as well

if its your FSB to ram limits you would be experiencing alot of crashes in games and other applications...

are you getting a bsod? (Blue screen of death)
Um.. I have no clue wat the RSB for the ram is. How could I find that out?

well funny thing about RAM is that it can make weird things happen when its not running right. there is a program out there call memtest i think that can test mem. its boots froma a floppy and does its thing. but if you do get new RAM go with 2 x 1gb sticks. 4 x 512mb sticks decreases performance
Where can I find memtest at?

If you are forcing your ram to run at pc3200 speeds that is your problem, when you have 4 sticks in an AMD system it will default to pc2700 and become unstable at higher speeds.
And I was just looking at some new RAM on newegg.com. Wat does the memory timings mean, could u explain that to me please?


the mhz fsb rating can usually be found on the manufacturer page.. or if you know what it model yours is you can look it up online

im not real familiar with timings. but i think it has to do with how fast the RAM reads and writes...i know the lower the timings the faster the RAM or something like that.
Memory timings are setting the amounts of stuff it does in what amount of time.

Its something you shouldn't really worry too much about, since you dont know what it is.. I don't think overclocking is something you should be playing with.

and as for the FSB rating..

My ram is rated to only handle up to about 217MHz for an overclock.

I usually start to get unstable when i got above 213MHz. But this could also be factors such as your mobo and certain timings within your ram.
k thanks. I will look into that

also get cpu-z....the SPD tab will show you the default memory timings in case you've changed them and need to get back to default and don't wanna reset the bios...hope that helps...TY
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