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Random restarts

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i need some help, sometimes my computer randomly restarts for no reason. I went to control panel and set it to no automatic restart but a blue screen just popped up before restarting. Can anyone help me solve this problem?
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have you updated your windows files? and did you do anything recently? like installing games or software or other hardware?
You Vcore may not be high enough. Up it a tad.
You overclocked the CPU? Then follow what Pauldovi says.

Do you use the Stand By feature at all? If so, don't use it. Your Vcore drops dangerously low.... that's what happened to me.
Could also be the sys. reseting itself because the cpu is too hot on stock cooling (i feel your pain) and my asus board has a precaution for too high of temps... try not to oc the cpu if you have it oc'd at all.
Please update your specs. What is your processor type and speed? What speed it is overclocked (if it is). What make is your Power Supply.

How long has your system been unstable? Is it a new system? A new install?

It could also be the PSU, I used to have alot of random resarts, found out it was the PSU.
checked windows event log just after a restart?
that usually gives you an idea about it
thanks for all the advice, i have never overclocked but now its not restarting as often and i never mess with the bios. That'll just mess me up and my processor speed is 3.4ghz lga775 and i have a 500w power supply by starpower. It used to happen more often but now its not happening as much.
Well, you may have a power supply issue. It's the heart and soul of every system, I suggest upgrading to a new PSU. OCZ from personal experience makes a very good 520W Powerstream. A review is in my sig.
Its probably your cooling. Used to happen to me a lot. Open up your case and clean out all the dust, WELL. I opened my case up after bout 1/2 year and 1 of the fans clogged up with dust.
You say you got a blue screen? what was the error? perhaps I can help.
It's up to you nitrousflash, however you need to keep in mind that these types of problems are usually degenerative meaning that they will often become worse as time goes on and not better. I would document the crashes (what you are doing when they occur) for a few weeks and take it back to the place of build for repair. Possibly you have an defective motherboard or ram.

Have you re-installed the Operating System? I would first do an OS install and test it out from there.

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