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Well, 2 weeks ago I sent in my R3E for RMA due to it not detecting memory at A0 and A1 memdimms.... I bought my R3E from a shop named DustinHome which had epic prices on it. I usually buy from a store named Komplett but they were a bit expensier.

I've RMAed a GPU once before to Komplett, and it took nearly a week for the entire processes, in short I was stunned how fast it went.

Now, back to the R3E RMA to DustinHome.... After a week I sent a email to Dustin regarding my RMA and also asked for a ETA. Guess what they said? 6 FRICKING WEEKS. Thats over 40 days!

And now I can't enjoy my Civilization V Collectors box I paid $100 for until like forever... it will have to be one expensive dust collector.

Summary: Pay a prenium for support that care about you and have decent RMA times. Komplett does thier RMA's in-house while Dustin sends it directly to ASUS which have very long RMA's.

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