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So I searched long and hard for a set of models that would help for case design, all the usual suspects (around 5-6 designs) only consisted of 4-5 items each, none used GPU's and or CPU Coolers. A few had fans but only of 1 size.
Really no set was complete, and it annoyed me so I made my own scale set.
Items are an accurate size. I didn't past any images onto the designs as it would have taken me too long to find all the images. But I've colored them too look semi-pretty. The original I had was done by anon, it contained only a mobo, hdd, psu, and cdrom. These 4 items DO have images pasted on and As far as I can tell the sizes he/she did were accurate.

The title of the sketchup is: "PC Parts, use for Case Design"
If the URL doesn't work just search using the title, or use "gcampton" as the search.
1x Standard ATX Board. (lanparty)
1x V8 cooler 120mm height. (120*120*120)
1x GPU 280mm length.
1x GPU 300mm length. (just in case you want to make an exception for it)
1x HDD
1x A Drive (multicard reader)
1x 1.8" SSD
1x 2.5" SSD
1x PSU (Standard size)
1x 200mm Fan
1x 140mm Fan
1x 120mm Fan
1x 92mm Fan
1x 80mm Fan
1x 60mm Fan
1x 40mm Fan

That's all folks, there's no wires (there's no need for wires) and there's no water cooling. I will add various water cooling features very soon. You may think why would I need so many fans? well you don't. The point is all the components are there so you can easily duplicate them Make an array of 4 CDROMs for your Full tower case, and an array of 7 HDDS. You can easily delete items you don't need as well. What's the point of 40mm fans in a full tower case? point click delete, easy.

PLEASE GIVE IT 5 STARS SO it hits the front of searches and makes everyones life easier, atm it's around page 5 or worse depending on what the search terms are.

Thanks G.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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