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My friend is trying to upgrade his PC and I'm helping him pick out the parts. We're trying to keep as close to or under $400 dollars if possible and the PC will be used for school and some light gaming. We plan on reusing a case, power supply, and DVD drive. We'll reinstall XP and upgrade to 7 later in the future.

This is what I'm considering so far:





Grand total comes to $451.65 with shipping and tax (California resident.

Am I forgetting anything? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
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The only thing I would change might be the HDD. thats just my

Barracuda's are faster, and same price.
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Well I can recommend this HDD, but are you aiming for $400 before or after rebates?

I'd like to stick to 400 before rebates but if the performance is worth it, then I'm willing to stretch the budget a little bit. I absolutely do not want to go over 500 before rebates though. Thanks for the suggestions so far but is the Samsung or the Seagate HDD better?
I will soon be getting the same CPU/MOBO combo because I like the savings. You could obviously save some money with a dual core and or less ram. I'm not really in any position to be recommending builds, so I'll keep an eye on your thread and see what others think.

I recommend the HDD because someone else had recommended it to me, and showed me why via this link. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/sto...3-1tb-review/1
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