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Hey guys. please rate my first build!

Case: Rosewill Challenger

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition

Video Card: EVGA GTS 450

Ram: CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB)


PSU: OCZ OCZ600SXS2 StealthXStream 2 600W

Hard Drive: WD Caviar 500GB Serial ATA HD 7200/16MB/SATA-3G

CD Drive: Asus DRW-24B1ST 24X Internal DVD Burner

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i can already find 4 flaws here ...

1st. your mobo will not overclock well since its 4+1 phase , also it does support crossfire which leads me to my next flaw :
2nd. GTS 450 is only a little cheaper then both HD 6850 and GTX 460 both of them are mile away from 450
3rd. that PSU is bad news , if u scroll a bit throught the forums you'll understand that psu is the most important part of the whole rig , why is that so im not gonna get into details .
4th. you didnt specify the speed and latency of your ram , if it has corsair tag on it doesnt mean its gonna fly

anyway heres a build quote i recomended to another dude whos looking for a new rig also maybe u can concider some things :


Case+Psu combo216.98$ (-40$ MIR) preaty good for full tower air field with 5 fans and a 850 psu right ? btw the psu is actualy the best for its price , its rated 80+ but actualy its very close to gold rating acording to this Review efficiency is around 88-91% on all loads

Video Card + Memory combo 222.98$ (-35$ MIR !) thats right baby , hows 4 GB of 2000 Mhz ram for 8$ sounds ?
now we all know that ram timings are mostly overated but i know many ppl that have this particular ram at 1800 Mhz 8-8-8-29 stable , its rated for 9-9-9-30 @ 2000 Mhz . anyway this combo is a beast !

CPU + mobo combo 243.99$ (-15$ MIR) why pay for x6 when it will be easly matched by an x4 on 4Ghz in all games ? dont be fooled by the mobo , it will support crossife and ur killer ram at 1800 Mhz , ppl are gonna advise you to get 8xx GX mobo but ask urself are u realy gonna use sata 3 and usb 3 in near future ? if so then pop in another 30-40 bucks or so .

Water Cooler 79.99$ ( -15$ MIR) ...whats that ? a water cooler for 65 bux ? take ur baby chip to 4 Ghz with this thing and crush any game that dares to visit ur hard drive !

DVD\\RW 19.99$ free shipping other then that , cant go wrong with sony .

HDD 69.99$ not as good as SSD but will do the job

total 853.97$ ....after mail in rebate 748.97$ !!! now thats the rig not to be messed with , and u got 250 bucks left to go wild , my personal suggestion is repeat Video Card + Memory combo and you will have smocking crossfire and 8 gigs of ram , or you can pop in a 100 bucks SSD in there and have ur OS fly like a JET , either way you'll be happy have fun !


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1. 4+1 power phase + 125W CPU + any air tower cooling or water cooling = asking for board death. Go with a minimum 6+2/8+1/8+2 power phase and preferably mosfet heatsinks for overclocking.
2. [From RabbitGT's suggestion] 2000 CAS9 is not worth it over 1600 CAS6-7 on AMD builds due to performance/stability; even then you cannot do 2000Mhz on an x4 feasibly.
3. Just get a better air cooler for cheaper; a lot of air coolers outperform the H50. The H50 is somewhere between high-end air cooling (but not highest-end) and low-end water cooling. H50 is not worth it for that price.
4. There's a LITE-ON DVD 24X drive for $16 shipped after promo code
5. Get Samsung F3 1TB at Superbiiz. Use code HELLO2011 and you get your F3 1TB for a full $20 less

If you give me a moment I'll copy one of my $600 build suggestions over--
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