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Rave case mod idea.

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I am not personally a "raver", but I do like the psychedellic aspect of it and have decided to do a rave themed mod. Pink and black will be the primary colors, any suggestions? (SilverStone TJ07)
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Originally Posted by clbkdaz
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If your looking for the rave themed mod...It might actually be easier than you think. UV lights and cold cathodes are strikingly similar to glowsticks...not to mention that just about every possible color is available in UV Fans. Additionally - you can add the sound sensitive controllers that "dance" with music.

The hardest part will be to find the the thing you do to the case to make it a "Rave Theme" as opposed to just a very bright case. Perhaps a Window Etching or something to that nature depicting a record, a dancer, or anything else to tie it all together.

I look forward to seeing this come alive.

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