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There was moderate interest in an open source measure of cpu performance and a couple who didn't want it to be open source. So, I am going to release an 'official' version for general use and make the project open to suggestions and such. If people want to join in on the project send me a message and we can work something out. I need to clean up the code so its presentable.

In the long run, I want this project to be as open as possible so users know what the results mean. So, I want to avoid artificial measures of performance and focus giving raw actual values to the user.

The project is windows only at this point and uses C#.
Each step processes for 3 seconds using all available cores. Currently it does not set thread affinity to a particular core as the windows scheduler does a pretty good job. Each step does a simple math calculation as many times as it can for a designated amount of time on each core then averages the number over each second it was running. The result is the average number of times a calculation occurred in a second.

I also set this up to run in high priority mode which will make other running processes stutter, but makes this program run as the top priority program. Hopefully this will lead to more consistent results.
I am exploring single core performance measures. But am not sure how I want to compare them in some meaningful way.

Synthetic measures are always nice as they give a single point of comparison between systems. I am not sure what to measure in this case that hasn't already been done.

beta version 0.9.01 b

RawCalc.zip 15k .zip file

Added Prime Number Duration test
Corrected duration calculation error
Added ability to end process early


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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