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RAZER $5 of coupon

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got this in the mail good for the next 24hrs

good for $5.00 off your purchase of any Razer product we offer through our Razerzone.com storefront

coupon code P5SCPR

dont know how many times u can use it maybe once? but 1st come 1st serve lol

please state if used or not. ty
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Il take it

Edit: Glad to be first but on second thought il pass
even I got the following coupons:



somehow the 2nd one is same as OPs!

anyone can feel free to use them!
Does Razer charge for shipping?

Originally Posted by DuckieHo
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Does Razer charge for shipping?

Yes sir, they do.
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Here's two more for ya guys, since im not going to use them.


I refuse to go back to the Razer website since last night...

Thanks, but no thanks.
These where sent to everyone today that are registered on their site.
One of them wasn't working for me this early morning.
you definitely cant use both for a single item
confirmed this from the razer rep...the Tom guy...
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