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Good Morning

I hope you can help me - I own a Barracuda AC-1 as well as a HP-1 headset. I had this set up in Windows XP 32bit and got it working brilliantly - I love the combined clarity, comfort and bass (bzzzzzzzz).

However, I recently purchased Windows 7 64bit Home Premium. I installed it this weekend but I have been having trouble setting up the soundcard and headphones to get the same result as I get in Windows XP. I have installed the Windows 7 64bit (Compatible) driver. This time, however, there is no Barracuda AC-1 Control Panel (green and black screen) which normally allows me to make specific changes to the audio. I have only been able to select and test the speakers within Windows 7 Playback Devices. I have played with Quadraphonic, 5.1 and 7.1 settings and still have been unable to achieve the same result as achieved in Windows XP. In fact, if I play some music it only plays through the front two channels as I tested turning down the front channel volume on the headphone volume controller and this turned off all sound.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve the same result as achived within XP where I have a AC-1 Control Panel (green and black screen) and achieve full sound through all channels.


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