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Originally Posted by calin05;14214789
Hello, i just bought my second deathadder mouse this year, and the mouse is having the same problem as my first one bought in january 2011.

The scroll wheel isn't well fixed on that axis, it's sliding a little on the left and right, and is kinda noisy when i scroll up, basically it has the same problem that my old deathadder.

Well, what the heck is it ? I just spend money on another broken deathadder, it is a mass fail, or that scroll wheel is meant to be like that, not well fixed, or that is the model or what ? Anyone has the same problem.

Note: The mouse is brand new, today has arrived to me.

And the sensor is heating a little, even if the mouse is on idle.
So I just got my DeathAdder today and am now noticing your problem. My scroll wheel does wobble just a tiny bit but it doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that when I scroll forward it feels like I'm scrolling through sandpaper and it's a fair bit louder as opposed to when I scroll in reverse it's much smoother and much quieter. Will some oil fix this?
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