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Hello there,

I got the Razer Naga Molten Edition today (yay!) but was very annoyed that the side buttons didnt really function as "Mouse Button 4", "Mouse Button 5", etc. like it was for my previous mouse.
The main problem for me was that i wanted to bind Teamspeak Push-To-Talk to one of the sidebuttons and dont have any inteference with other games...
I tried binding it to something i wont ever use "Ctrl + Left Shift + Right Shift + Alt + F8", but that only resulted in opening a developer menu for a game i play.
At that point it really pi**** me off. I remembered that the old IBM Keyboard had 24 Function Keys, so there must be a mapping for those keys in the OS.
Quickly wrote a script to bind it and voila, here to share my result.

TL;DR Tutorial for binding sidebuttons to F13 to F24 (old IBM Keyboard Keys)

1. Go to [Your Main Hard Drive]:\ProgramData\Razer\Synapse\Accounts\[Your Account]\Devices\[Your Mouse (Naga, Mamba, ...]\Profiles
2.a In there find the profile you want to edit (To Identify there is a "" tag at the bottom of each xml, this is respectively the Profile Name)


2.b Make a backup of that file!!!
3. Find the "" Tag, under that tag there will be "" 's in numerical order, find the one you want to edit.
4. In "" the "" are your Keys on the side of the mouse, again find the ones you want to edit.
5. Replace the Assignment Tag with: (this is F13, for the other codes look in the spoiler below)


<Assignment id="SINGLEKEY">
6. Profit!

Key     HID     Mod
F13     070068  00006400E4
F14     070069  00006500E5
F15     07006A  00006600E6
F16     07006B  00006700E7
F17     07006C  00006800E8
F18     07006D  00006900E9
F19     07006E  00006A00EA
F20     07006F  00006B00EB
F21     070070  00006C00EC
F22     070071  00006D00ED
F23     070072  00006E00EE
F24     070073  00006F00EF

New Method
1. Get this Little Program
(Source is here)
2. Start it and use it to bind F13 - F24 to a SideButton Key.
3. Profit!

Known Bugs:
- F13 doesnt seem to fully work as a key.

If anything breaks try deleting the modfied files or reinstall Razer Synapse (or you were good and made a Backup)
I currently only tested this with Razer Naga Molten Edition and Teamspeak 3.
If there are incompatibilities/issues, feel free to post them. I'll try to add them to the main post and answer them.
Props to RuSo and his thread that pointed me in the right direction

Hope it is helpfull to anyone c:

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