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Hello Everyone!

I recently built a new computer using ASRock Extreme9 990FX motherboard. When I power up, my naga does not work in the bios nor windows, to get my Razer Naga Molten working, I have to disconnect and reconnect to the USB port. I switched USB ports and I get more of the same.

In the "Devices and Printers" the mouse shows up as "Unknown Device" (link 1,2). After attempting to update the drivers through the "troubleshoot unknown device option" and failing (link 3, 4), I went back to the Naga support FAQ and found "RESOLUTION 26415". Resolution 26415 says that the naga razer won't show up in the mouse section in the device manager, but in the human interface device. However, on my computer, that is not that case and i believe the reason why I am having this issue (link5).

has anyone else experienced these issues?

I ePromise that the links are safe!!

"Unknown Device" (link 1)

"Unknown Device Properties" (link 2)

"Driver Selection" (link 3)

"Driver fail??" (link 4)

"Device Manager Tree" (Link 5)

Resolution 26415

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