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Something I was wondering about this thing, can't seem to find a proper post based on search terms, but anyone know if the Razer Tartarus can be made to ADD more keys for gaming, rather than simply replicating existing keyboard keys?

I was trying to set it up early this morning in ArmA 3 (in game) for more key bind/controls, but all I could ever seem to do was replace existing keyboard keys?

I bought one of these things, refurbished on that stupid bumbled Razer CES 2016 sale, took me 2 hours to finally get one of several browsers to get through check out process for either new or refurb Tartarus at that 50% off. Back the next day, nearly 18 hours later, website and servers were still lagging and having issues. Anyways.

But I just got it yesterday morning, and early this morning after getting out of some ArmA 3, I figured I'd try and get it set up to try out.

The Thumbstick takes getting used to, due to awkward positioning, its not analog, and the clicking is really sensitive, easily click the wrong direction.

But I found it annoying that the 2 keys flanking the stick are bound to Alt and Space bar, which I can understand is nice, if you want to ditch the main keyboard entirely, but I'm using this as additional keys, so I can use Mouse, Keyboard, Logitech F310 and/or Sony DS3 controller, and the Tartarus for various tasks/roles (controllers for flight, M/K for most everything else, and the Tartarus for additional functions).

I tried binding additional keys, but ones like the "A" key and "W" and others would delete from binds menu, and then add again when I pushed various keys on the keypad.

Not really looking to replace the keyboard keys, but add to them.

Software and games seem to typically (not always), allow you to run a mouse with more than 3 buttons, like my Corsair M65, and several other mice before it, but I can't seem to figure out if the Tartarus can do the same.

If its in the Synapse software, can someone point me to where I would find that, I often don't use external keybind/mapping software for games and such, typically only in game, aside from maybe some mouse software over the years for sensitivity settings.

I generally like the Tartarus, wish the stick was analog, but meh, it works ok for basic things (thinking it would work fine for POV/Hat switch, etc).

Though I'm mainly referring to ArmA 3 here (as well as ArmA 2), but there are other games I play that I can foresee this potentially being an issue as well, Elite Dangerous being one, though I'm planning on getting my old Saitek X45 dusted off, and see if I can't get that working for these games as well.
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