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Really fast Intel 4770k i7 Overclocking Question; adaptive/fixed voltage

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I got my i7 4770k back in the summer of 2013 and overclocked it to 4.5ghz with a fixed voltage.

I still remember reading Linustechtips and videos and they said once you find the voltage put it on "adaptive" voltage to save power.

I STILL have it on FIXED because I forgot. I want to go back into BIOS and put it on ADAPTIVE if I can.

Can anyone who has been overclocking this chip or is IN THE LOOP, fill me in, and let me know whether I should go into BIOS and put it on adaptive?

Again, I 've been out of the loop since I haven't really kept up with the overclocking guides or such for the past year, please let me know!!!!
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It varies a bit by motherboard, but if you have EIST, C3 and C6/7 enabled (may need to force enable in the BIOS and not default) then the voltage should drop even with fixed voltage selected. It works that way on Gigabyte and MSI, but I'm not positive about Asus. Try checking the Vcore with HWInfo (CPU-Z sometimes shows the VID instead of the actual Vcore).

Generally speaking adaptive is not recommended because it can cause large voltage spikes (0.1V or more) under certain load conditions.
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