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Really fast Intel 4770k i7 Overclocking Question; adaptive/fixed voltage

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I got my i7 4770k back in the summer of 2013 and overclocked it to 4.5ghz with a fixed voltage.

I still remember reading Linustechtips and videos and they said once you find the voltage put it on "adaptive" voltage to save power.

I STILL have it on FIXED because I forgot. I want to go back into BIOS and put it on ADAPTIVE if I can.

Can anyone who has been overclocking this chip or is IN THE LOOP, fill me in, and let me know whether I should go into BIOS and put it on adaptive?

Again, I 've been out of the loop since I haven't really kept up with the overclocking guides or such for the past year, please let me know!!!!
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0.1 V voltage spikes can be caused by applications that use AVX instructions (I would assume this would be rendering videos / model rendering / photoshop, etc programs similar to that.)
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