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Really need some advice guys!!!

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Hey guys I have some money I’ve been putting together to upgrade (max out/future proof) my system. I would really appreciate as many people’s advice and expertise with my build upgrade ideas. My system is for gaming and overlocking mainly.

My current build
-Motherboard: Z490-P
-Processor: i9-10900kf
-CPU Cooler: 240mm ibuy power cooler which is basically like a NZXT kraken x52 with a swapped out ibp waterblock.
-RAM: 16gb 2x8 4000mhz Patriot Viper CL 16
-GPU: 3080 TUF OC
-SSD: 970evo 1tb, 1tb western digital
-HD: 2tb barracuda
-Case: some ****ty IBuyPower thermaltake case

I would definitely want to keep everything but my case, CPU cooler and motherboard. I ended up buying a 7000D case already because I just wanted to get a bigger case for if I ever needed one in the future for like a 40s series GPU but I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon, especially considering the current prices and me already having a solid GPU.

Ideas for the best motherboard for me ocing the cpu and ram??? I was looking at getting an apex motherboard. Should I go with the z490 or z590 version? I was reading that the z590s m.2 slot might have issues with my current ssds but I’m really unsure because I’ve been reading mixed things. Also looking at an artic freezer ii 420mm. Just wanted some advice before I make anymore purchases, I’d greatly appreciate the feedback sorry if this post is messy.
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Asus Apex is 329 on ebay, just sayin. I was looking at it too, for my sub zero gaming rig. I think Im gonna stick with what I have as Tom5051 said, cuz I wont get 300 bucks of improvement. My 11700k is already at 5.3 and prolly wont go much farther 24/7.
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