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Realtek GbE no longer working?

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I posted this question under intel motherboards section, but not sure if it was better suited here. Long story short, I came home and turned on my computer and trhe internet icon was on, but it didnt work. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it after resetting my computer, and it tells me "Please shutdown & plug realtek pcie card to complete the installation".

Now it doesnt show in Device Manager so I am noty sure what to do, anyone have any advice?
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Is that all you have done so far?
Have you checked the cable?

Originally Posted by GH0
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Is that all you have done so far?
Have you checked the cable?

Cable works fine, as I switch it between my PS3 and my computer, and my PS3 logs onto the internet and games just fine. The router and cable modem are working as I am surfing the net on my roommates laptop right now with them (and gamed on my PS3 online).

Windows repair didnt do anything, nor did reinstalling the newest drivers offered on Gigabytes website. The item in question is no longer listed under device manager and whenever I reinstall the drivers, it tells me something I have never seen before, as mentioned above.
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1) You should always reset after driver installation for windows.

2) If you go into your BIOS on boot up, do you see any option for Lan0, Lan1 Line Test or Cable Length Test? Try running that, if that doesn't work or comes up with really odd results, then your NIC may be foobared.
i had that issue once when i overclocked pcie
make sure your pcie is on 100
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