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Recomend a mod for my case

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any mods to quiet it or just any mods at all that would be easy?
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From the image you posted, I would start with ventilation.

...that is quite a clean-looking enclosure.
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That looks like a great case to Mod. I would cut a window, add some flashy cathodes, and maybe some more fans on the top? It would like nice. You could also Cut cable management, and paint it? It looks very modable. Let your creative juices flow, and about the quiteness you could get some sound deadning foam and line the case with it.
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tnx it only uses 2 fans its a gateway pinta case
Yes, but maybe you can put a rad grill in the top and attach 3 fans to it to exhaust air from the inside.
Looks like its time for a holesaw.I would look into some ventilation.Maybe a wicked paint job.Then to top it off some fuzzy dice hanging from the dvd drive.Well maybe not the fuzzy dice.To make it quiet get some quiet fans and try to open it up a bit to allow better air flow so you can run the fans at lower rpm.
the problem with that is the depth of the case disk drives are only 2 inches from my powersupply
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Oh, Nevermind that idea then. Um i would say paint job!
there is an there i posted a pic of the inside
i also have a mac g4 tower that i wanna put a pc mobo in with osx86
anyone have troubles doing that?
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