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Recommend a sound card

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For $40-$60 that would be good for gaming.
Preferably off newegg or x-fi website (refurbished is a plus)

Had a look at this one: http://us.creative.com/products/prod...&product=17359
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The ExtremeMusic is a great choice, and is essentially the same as the gamer, except it is full height and has a front I/O connector instead of the HD audio connector for the case itself.

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Why is the Xtrememusic better?
Refurb Xtrememusic, or an Xonar D1.

Don't bother with the Xtremegamer, it's the same card just slimmed down pretty much, and by all means do not even touch the Xtremeaudio with a 9000 foot pole.
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Originally Posted by Powermonkey500 View Post
Why is the Xtrememusic better?
The Gamer and Music have the same sound quality since they use virtually identical components. So one is not better then the other IMO.
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Ok, I will get refurb extrememusic. thanks for the help.
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