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Recommend me a £1200 ($1300) laptop?

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'Sup OCN

What's the best all round laptop for £1200 ($1300). It's going to be used for light gaming, office and mostly photoshop. It needs to have:
>good battery life.
>quad core
>15" preferably HD
>Non built in graphics
>nothing too fat

What have you got?


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The Lenovo y510p is great, it's an I7 4700MQ with 8 GB of ram, GT 750M (options for SLI), and a matte 1080p screen. It performs excellently with the SLI 750's but battery life takes a huge hit with the both. The non SLI version with a standard Optical drive has much better battery life, still very good performance, and is upgrade able for the future. It's a pretty thin and light laptop considering what's inside it and it's gaming capabilities.

Just a suggestion =D


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I realize this is an old thread, but 1200 GBP is $1890 USD, not $1300. . You can buy a pretty fine machine for that kind of cash.

The Lenovo Y510p is a solid recommendation, as is the MSI GT70. I like my ASUS G750JX, also in that price range. None of these have fabulous battery life, but that's generally true with ANY laptop that has discreet graphics and a big display. If you want premium battery life, you're going to be stuck with a HD 4000 or HD 5000 series IGP and an Ultrabook.

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Medion do the MSI stuff cheaper

bought one for my son a couple of years ago

make sure you have a good look through the laptops sometimes offers like to hide
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