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Recommend me a 58X I7 board for TRI-SLI

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Time is ticking, and my intent was to have all parts on order for when I get home.

I still need to find my Ram and Motherboard.

Originally I was holding out for the Classified, but I'm growing impatient.

For ram I have no idea, but was considering some Dominator 1600's 2x3gb.
I just don't know how the GSKILL Pi Blacks perform.

All Input is welcome!
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Evga classified should be coming out next week


So it seems that there is some misinformation, and I will clarify that now.

Originally the X58 Classified was on schedule for end of February release, this is true. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can happen that will delay production by a week or two. With that being said, unfortunately it will likely miss by 1-2 weeks so we are now looking at the second week of March.

Also, the EVGA X58 standard board will still be in full production, please remember that the Classified board is a premium board at a higher price.

From Jacob at evga

As far as ram I would get this

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EVGA X58 or the X58 Classified. All the other X58 motherboards that I have seen will leave the vented area of the third graphics card hanging off the motherboard (this problem will not exist if you have single slotted waterblocks for your graphics cards).

EDIT: Just saw some other X58 motherboards that have similar slot layouts, but I still prefer the EVGA boards.
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