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Hey everyone,

I need a screen that displays at 1920x1080, (or high would be great), and it has to be at least 24" to a max of 30".

I was looking at the apple 24" LED screen, but it turns out with apple's new 'amazing' port you cant actually hook it up to a PC :O
Another hats off to Apple. (If you can find me the cables which will let me display at the screens native resoloution, by all means, go for it =P its harder than it sounds, lol)

But yeah, all I want is a super crisp, clear screen, deep colours, high refresh rate, quick response time, and most of all, looks good! I want something thats not going to look hideous when its 'off' on my desk

Any recommendations??
PLEEEEEEASE help, this is whats holding up my entire build
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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