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Recommend me a sound card please.

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need something to send a decent signal to my Chu Moy/hd 555's.

i know good SQ is not cheap, but if i can keep it to around 100 id be very ecstatic.

.. at that point is it even worth it. is the on-board on my p6t fine?.. been an audiophile all my life, but dormant the past few years. just started messing with fl studio again, and my logitechs weren't cutting it. (if it matters, im mainly dealing with trance and techno beats in FL)

thx for the help.
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I've got three recommendations: ASUS Xonar D1, ASUS Xonar DX and the X-FI XtremeMusic.

All are under $100, and should serve your needs well.
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will the dx work in a x16 slot? or should i just stick with the D1, the pci version.
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