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Looking for feedback on a solid 4k tv. I currently have a 75" Samsung 1080P that while a great tv, pales compared to the 60" 4k I have in my master bedroom.

I was looking primarily at the Sony XBR75X850E. However I would be open to a Samsung or LG given they are both much cheaper.

I would prefer a tv with wider viewing angles if possible (one area where the Sony is not as strong).

One thing that I did read was that the Sony is much better as it can play judder free at 24p (something LG and Samsung struggle with). It's also a native 120hz panel.

The only real downside to it is obviously its price (2800 CAD currently) compared to other brands, and it's viewing angles.

Room brightness isn't a factor as I installed california shutters on all windows.

Given the couch layout, an IPS panel might be preferable though which the Sony has although reviews indicate viewing angles are not optimal.


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