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Recommendations for O.C. Dell Optiplex 960 w/ Q9550

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I just got a very good deal on a used (3 month old) Dell Optiplex 960 with a Q9550 CPU. I know that the BIOS doesn't allow O.C.'ing and is limited at best, so I'm likely going to have to use a Windows based (XP) program to give it a modest "kick up".

It looks like RMClock does not support the Yorkfield CPU, so that's out. That leaves me with ClockGen (last know rev. may not support Yorkfield either) or CrystalCPUID.

I know that I may have to upgrade the CPU cooling also, but any suggestions (other than scrap the Dell) on what to try ?
(I'm only looking for a modest OC, say up to 3.0 - 3.2Ghz.)

Thanks for your time. .......... Tom ...........
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Yeah Clockgen might be your only hope. (does this allow voltage increase? if not then I wouldn't bank on much og an OC. I overclocked a Sony desktop once before by taking out the RAM, booting up the PC, made a bunch of beeps. Shut her down, RAM back in and brought me right to the bios with some advanced options. I tried it also on a gateway but didn't work.
The stock cooler may beable to cool your cpu at those clocks just keep an eye on it useiing intel thermal analsis tool or hardware monitor and try getting some exaust fans.
I think that Clockgen only increases FSB and not voltage. Good luck with ClockGen I've only ever got it to work with one computer and it was an Emachines, it wouldn't work on my Dell.
ClockGen has no voltage adjustment, to bad. CrystalCPUID has both, but it does not work with my CV184 PLL chip; SETFSB is bus setting only, no voltage, and it does not recognize my PLL chip either.
I'm running out of "clever options".

Thanks for your comments & suggestions. Take Care.
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