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Recommendations for replacement Speakers (for garage gym)

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Hey gang,

Currently have some old as the hills Technics speakers being driven by my old Yammy AVR. The Speakers are 30 years old easy and they have been through hell. Was wondering was would be a good replacement for a space the size of a single car garage? The current speakers are SB-A10 tower units. Was hoping to get something smaller but with a better sound stage that I could mount on the walls. Any suggestions??? Receiver is an old Yamaha HTR6230.

Thanks in advance.
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8 ohms
100W RMS, 200W max
Yamaha HTR-6230B
100W RMS @ ohms

If the receiver can ACTUALLY put out 100W RMS (they're usually over spec'd) then look at the Mica RB42 but they're inefficient @ 83 dB/W. If your receiver doesn't put out 100w it's going to struggle to drive them very loud.

The Neumi BS5 are worth a look too, they're cheaper and more efficient/easy to drive but they're larger.

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Thank you sir. Good question about the RMS of the receiver, not sure on that one. Wouldn't be the least bit surprised that it was over spec'd as this was one of their entry level AVRs. Also my knowledge of speakers and audio gear is just enough to get me in over my head pretty easily.

I think I will see if I can source those Neumi's up here in the great white north. Don't want to get something too fancy for the garage, I mean the spiders might dig the fancier speakers, IDK.

Thanks again.
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you might check some local churches that may have some speakers or left overs from a upgrade. Just be sure to match up any specs. As Pook mentioned that the efficiency ratings are rather low so it takes more power to drive them.
Other things to watch for is they don't use XLR's some use 1/4" plugs.

I would look on FB marketplace or CL for a used set of something or even just find someone that has both receiver and speakers for around 3 bills.

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