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Recommendations on ear-bud?

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I had a pair of Bose In-Ear ear-bud for about 3 years (I think I lost it, it's been missing for 5 months.), while they don't have the best sound I think the sound quality is still decent and they are pretty comfortable.

I will be getting a new pair of ear-bud soon, really want to get some recommendations from you guys. Just ear-bud, no clip on and no over-the-ear kind. Budget is about $50, and more if it have some kind of noise canceling feature.
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Although I would recommend a Sennheiser CX300 or the equivalent EP630 from Creative these ones aren't available with the egg..If you find them these are the best bang for buck..I would personally prefer the EP630 cos its cheaper and same to the Cx300.
still if you would like to buy from egg..there you go...next best alternative..
Do you want earbuds:

or canalphones / IEMs?:

Canalphones / IEM's isolate more.

Anyway, you can get much better than the CX300 / EP630 in your price range.
Music tastes?
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