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Recovering data

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I think I killed my 320GB Media hard drive. My nephew picked up the HD cage while the computer was on and flipped the hard drives upside down and it made weird noise. I don't know if that is the culprit but since then my OS keeps asking me to check disk my media hard drive and I try to let it check but it errors during chkdsk and aborts. My 60GB Music folder got deleted. My videos are still there but when I try to play them they lag during playback. Accessing folders takes forever and loading things takes forever on that specific hard drive.

I am wondering if it's possible to recover that music as it contains some of the music I've collected over years. It contains some rare albums too.

tl;dr: nephew flipped hd's while on. Media HD becomes farked. How to recover data?
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There are a few other threads about this sort of thing with a lot of good suggestions so try a search to check them out.

I assume that your hard drive cage is directly connected to your computer and isn't in a RAID configuration. If the drive is unreadable, there are services that you can send your drive to for data recovery. However they are really expensive and will likely cost at least $500.

For any data that is still readable, copy it to a new hard drive ASAP.

Also, where's your backup?
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I know, I know. I should've backed up something as important as that. I've never had a hard drive fail on me before. Now I know that I should make backups.
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