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Red LED on GTX280

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Last night I plugged an old hard drive into my computer. Well it wouldn't let my computer boot to my original drive. I guess it was bad. So anyway I took it out and restarted my computer. A few minutes later my monitor went black and the led on my gpu was red.Went to restart pc and the power light and hdd light on my case were both pulsing.Unplugged and restarted. Since then my monitor has shut off two more times and the led on the card was red. Is this an issue with my psu?

This is the card.
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your card might of died... saw the same red LED trubritar had and he had to RMA those to EVGA
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oops edit: GTX 295, you can watch the video in which he shows the RED LED
Could be, red means not enough power, I'd check the connections mine did it with my old PSU and it was a bad pin connection.
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I just went through it and checked all my connections. I will wait and see if it does it again.

Originally Posted by youra6
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you still have that red LED?

No. Been working fine since yesterday.
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Sounds like you just broke something loose, maybe the card from the PCI-E slot, or even jostled one of the auxiliary power plugs a little loose.
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