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red orchestra guest passes anyone?

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I have 2 and for some reason it is bothering me seeing them there everytime so if anyone wants to play this ****ty game respond to the thread or pm me your steam account name.
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Send me one. =3

Steam name : Mebacca

Friend requests also welcome.
it goes off of email address, i forgot about that.

edit: nvm I just had to add you as a friend first, 1 more still left
My email is: my username @gmail.com
aww no more left? I really wanted one.. Anyone else have one?
all gone thanks for taking them

Originally Posted by Wincet View Post
I have 2 passes anybody else want one?
Ill take one. (my username) @gmail.com

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I'll take one too, [email protected](Twice " _ " ) is my steam account. Or just UncleGeorge, thats my name account.
Thx ^-^
I have two passes avalaible as well. PM me for them.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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