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Red/Purple flickering using Sli

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Hi Guys, I purchased a new motherboard yesterday. XFX 750i. I'm using 2 inno3d 9800 gt 512 green editions. Now when I use Sli everything looks fine until I try a game. Then I get an overlay of red/purple flashing/flickering. I have tried the following.
Cleaning the sli connectors.
Turning the Bridge around.
Swapping the card positions.
Swapping which one I use as the output.

No Joy. A lot of sites seem to think its a faulty bridge. What do you guys think?

Also do I have both 8 pin power and 4 pin power. I have tried both and they both seem to work. Should I be using a certain one?

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Fixed, for some reason this only happens when resolution is 1920x1080. once lowered its fine. funny thing is that you can set this resolution in game and its fine
To see if you have a faulty bridge I remember somebody told me this:

On your Nvidia CP, enable SLI display, it shows a green bar to indicate whether SLI is working or not.

Next to the green bar there should be a box to its right, and it should be green with white edges. If your box isnt green, then your SLI bridge is faulty
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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