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Red Sector WIP Case Mod

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First off I'd liek to say that I have been working on this mod for almost 2 years... hahah I keep forgetting about it. I'll finish it eventually. Here is my goal

I used a Chieftec Dragon Case (purple) I had lieing around.

Original Case Gutted.

Started the Base

The reservoir Its basically an old CDR stack cover with plexi on the front.

Cut out my holes for my RED plexi side window. You can see where I marked on the front where the reservoir will be too.

I have the base painted black although it is drying still. Needs one more coat.

I have to wait until my barb fittings come before I finish it.

almost 100% finished base.

After sanding, I wanted to remove all my scratches.

Primed, Edges aren't smooth because I'm adding rubber molding. I didn't want to get that exact if I wasn't going to see it.

I didn't like how the glue around the nozzles was stringy and rough, so I filled the top with epoxy. Made it look MUCH better. I also am alot more confident it wont LEAK, It hasn;t yet

Setting up for liquid cooling. Cut the hole in the bottom for air flow. I'll put pics up when I take it off again.

Today was also interesting and a learning experience. "DON'T PRESSURIZE YOUR LINES" They tell me, yet do I listen...
In short i filled it with water to check for leaks, the reservoir exploded basically, sending water everywhere. I was about 80% filled too. Luckily The epoxy was what cracked and not my actual tank. So I just resealed all of the nozzles, and this time added a fill cap rather then a valve. No pressure in the tank this time. I'll fill it tomorrow.
The Damage

Check out the new one.

Alrighty here is my latest update :O
I got to paint it and test the liquid cooling loop for the first time. (It didn't explode this time because i didn't pressurize it hehe.)

And here is it being painted. I got help from a master painter so i didn't ruin it muahah.

And here are some picture:
It was a party hooking up the LC

Jaggos Bioshock case mod got me motivated to work on my old mod. Its been like months sense I did anything, SO i un buried my case. (Was under wood and blankets and junk) and I started from where I left off. I just marked out front of case for LED CD Drive Reservoir and Power&LED light
Also marked plexi out for side door :O

Cut it out :O
I need to drill the mounts, and other screw holes still. Prime, and paint it black. Not the best job in the world, but I'm satisfied. Im adding rubber U-tracks around openings so its not so rough.
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and now I have to get back to work on it. Keep your eye on the prize.
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