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Hey guys. Just to get it out of the way, apologies for the inevitable frustrations of dealing with a networking noob.

I'm looking to get away from a Netgear R7800, primarily for the purposes of reducing bufferbloat for gaming on a 900/40 Spectrum internet package. The majority of the issues seem to be from the router, as connecting my PC wired to my modem gives me better (not optimal) results on DSLReport, without any QoS or management obviously.

I was considering Ubiquiti products, as I saw a few videos from people like BattleNonsense describing how they could be used to give a quality experience while being cheaper than getting most "gaming" oriented routers, but the problem I find comes when considering my network speeds. I'd want to find a hardware (or software) solution that can minimize bloat, whether or not that's from a QoS/SQM implementation, while still being able to run the fast network, as from what I understand, QoS/SQM is somewhat limited by the hardware of the solution.

Stick with the R7800? There a Ubiquiti solution? Or should I just got for the latest Netgear/Asus/Whatever AX routers and be done with it?

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Sorry for the thread resurrection but what did you end up going with and how is it?

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