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Refurbished monitors?

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are refurbished monitors okay to buy??
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Originally Posted by tweaker123
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are refurbished monitors okay to buy??

I bought one from newegg last week for my cousin's build and the screen had two 1/2 scratches in the screen, and they are pretty deep. I am very disappointed that newegg would sell something like this. I know it is an open box, but thats like selling a pair of glasses with a cracked lens... So I would be careful about refurbished monitors.
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I do buy refurbished stuffs sometime, but monitors... erm, I really do not feel comfortable buying a monitor that had been touched by many human hands.

If it is backed up with warranty and the company gives it 100% guarantee for it to work.

Then, it is up to you.

Just my 2 cents.
It's hit and miss usually. My new laptop was refurbished and it looks brand new, and I had an open box mobo for my brothers build and it was great with everything still in it. There's always going to be a bad one though
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recertified monitors are good to buy, idk about refurbs though
As long as it had a guarantee and it could be returned if there were dead pixels or such.
Ideally if you could see it switched on first to check it that would be ideal
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