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[REH]Resident Evil 5 DLC

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Allegedly, the strategy guide for the game has a few comments from Jun Takeuchi in it stating that the new Versus mode is coming in the form of DLC for both consoles. Versus mode is similar to Mercenaries except you are competing against each other.


As many people already use the official Strategy Guide to Resident Evil 5, is the question answered for downloading content. Wie man nämlich der Trophie/Erfolge Liste im Buch entnehmen kann sind die letzten 10 Trophäen lediglich im Versus Modus freispielbar. How is the Trophies / Achievements list can be found in the book are the last 10 trophies in only freispielbar Versus mode. Unter der Tabelle ist dazu die Anmerkung notiert, das dieser Versus Modus ein herunterladbarer Spielinhalt sein soll. Below the table is called the remark noted that the Versus mode of downloadable game content should be. Jun Takeuchi (Producer, Resident Evil 5) dementierte erst vor kurzem in einem Interview, dass tatsächlich ein Download Content nach dem Realese geplant sei. Jun Takeuchi (Producer, Resident Evil 5) recently denied in an interview that actually download content after Realese planned. Somit ist dieser enthüllt und man kann dem noch hinzufügen das sich der Modus auch Online spielen lässt und über die selben Karten wie der Mercenary Modus verfügen wird. So this is revealed and you can also add that the mode can also play online and on the same cards as the Mercenary mode is.

Erklärung: Explanation:
Im Versus Modus treten mehrere Spieler gegeneinander an und kämpfen wie im Mercenary Modus (dt. Söldner Mouds) um Punkte. In Versus mode, several players are competing against each other and fight as in Mercenary Mode (German mercenaries Mouds) for points. Wie im normalen Söldner Modus muss man nebenbei Sanduhren einsammeln um mehr Zeit für die "Jagd" zu bekommen. As in normal mode you have mercenaries incidentally collect hourglasses to allow more time for the "hunt" to get.


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Originally Posted by microsnakey
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I hate this.
They could of included it in the game but they decided to remove it and make people pay for it later.

I agree.

Hopefully they'll bundle the DLC with the PC version when it comes out though.
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