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?? Release date for EVGA x58 Classified

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Anyone have the down low on the exact release date of EVGA's mobo. Getting $1500 back from Uncle grabby (Tax return) and I thought why not upgrade to the new i7. Here's the link to the board. It looks very impressive, but thats just my opinion.


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before you get eaten alive.

this is the news section not for asking questions
not news.
ADMIN, please delete. nweeby here posted obviously in the wrong area.
Actually, how do I do that? sorry for the stupid mishap
Thanks to whom moved the post. Truly appreciate it. My bust, total Nard for doing it. Slap on the wrist is a ll I ask. hehe

Step-up is open now for EVGA X58 owners and I'm selling mine. So if you want a Classified...
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