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Removing my IHS questions.

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Hey all,
I was wondering if I remove my IHS, how much better temps could I possibly get?
I am not worried about voiding my warranty, cause I already did that when I lapped my IHS. What are the pros and cons in removing it? Also What are the risks involved with it? Like can I crush my core? and so on.
I mean my temps are pretty good, 14C idle and 30C load. but what do you think I would get if I removed the IHS.

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I did it. It's SO easy! Just take a razor blade (I used the kind you put in general purpose razor tools) and rock it back and forth on the corner of the chip...then rock it towards the other corner until you cut half way through...and repeat on all 4 corners both ways. Make sure NOT to go deeper than about 2-3mm or you might hit one of those transistor pack thingers...

I did it to my 3500+ and it lowered my idle temps by like 6C or something....but if I remember correctly the load stayed basically the same.
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