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Removing my IHS questions.

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Hey all,
I was wondering if I remove my IHS, how much better temps could I possibly get?
I am not worried about voiding my warranty, cause I already did that when I lapped my IHS. What are the pros and cons in removing it? Also What are the risks involved with it? Like can I crush my core? and so on.
I mean my temps are pretty good, 14C idle and 30C load. but what do you think I would get if I removed the IHS.

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well, if ur notworried about voiding....gio for it, but be careful not to crack the core....you should get @least 8C diff in temp. Just be careful that, when you remove it, if you use a knife, try not to cut too deep, lest you damage transistors.....many put their procs face down in very very shallow (just enough to cover the seam) amounts of adhesive remover....mild adhesive remover mind you. Like the kind used to loosen band-aid adhesive.....
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