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Heya Guys,

I just started getting my new parts in for my new build, I'll be logging pics etc of the whole process.

Initially I will only be replacing the motherboard and processor with the addition of watercooling. I will be using the parts left over from my old system to fill the gaps while I look into replacing graphics cards and ram.

System Components
CPU - Intel i5 2500K
Motherboard - ASUS Sabertooth P67
RAM - 2x2GB G.Skill PI 1600mhz
HDD - OCZ Vertex 2 60GB + 320GB HDD
GPU - Gigabyte 4890
Case - Coolermaster HAF 932

Water Block - EK Supreme HF Nickel
Pump - EK DCP 4.0
Radiator - EK 360 XT
Reservoir - EK Multi-Option 150x2 Res 150
Fans - 6x Yate Loon D12SH (2200 RPM, 80ish CFM and 30dba + Lots of pressure)
Thermal Paste - Arctic MX-2 (Was Indigo Extreme but I couldn't get it to flow for the life of me..)

I love my HAF 932 to pieces but I could never figure out why they didn't paint the interior black.. So I did a ghetto black paint job to make it look a heck of alot neater!

All stripped ready for some paint!


All painted! all i need now is parts...


After a 24 hours or pain waiting for parts...




So now I have my parts.. but I have no watercooling..

Test fit!
I figured while I'm waiting I may as well see how this looks with my new ghetto painted HAF..

Not bad!


More Presents!
And today I've got a mystical looking package...


*10 seconds later*


*a few more seconds later..*


Now I have to wait till lunch time so I can put it together

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So I managed to put the kit together and work out where I wanted everything..

Everything went according to plan except my reservoir placement.. I wanted it sitting up above the pump so it was in a better spot for me to link it to my fill port up the top, but since I had no where to mount it and no drill bits I had to mount it above my PSU.

Filling the beast up! The top inlet to the reservoir caused that many bubbles that the whole loop ended up white full of bubbles.. Had to drain it all and pull the reservoir apart to add some pipes so that the water never fell into the water, but rather was pumped into it.. I'll show you some pics if your interested..


I gave it about 2-3 hours of flow testing before I decided to try and mount my cpu with indigo extreme!

This turned out badly, I got the kit together and tried to seat the cpu with indigo extreme twice and it still didn't flow properly.. It was perform so bad that using my Arctic MX-2 gave me a temperature drop of -24 degrees on load! this brought me down to about a 24-26C idle..

Pics of it as it stands now!




I'll update the post with some better interior pics, it looks very neat at the moment but i'm way to tired to bother taking more photos
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