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Renting RE5

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Gonna See if its any good!!!!!!!!!!!! renting it for PS3!!!
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Lemme just tell you.......... it is amazing, do you have a nice TV to play it on?

I have a 60in Samsung TOC and it looks beautifully horrifying. Its an awesome game no doubt.
32" 1080i Vizio
I second that! I play it on a 32'' Sony its so awesome!!!
Playing it on my PC monitor quality is awesome.
the game is mehhhh......i wish we had some zombies instead of stupid old re4 monster things
Playing co-op with the GF on my 26" @ 1080p.

Sadly... the split screen mode for this game is TERRIBLE. You lose a good 30-40% of the screen with just 'black'.

SPOILER ALERT - Highlight to read

And the underground tribal stuff is just annoying. The constant levers. One level we had to pull 10 levers or so to make stairs move and crap... just boring.

End Spoiler
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Ok well I have played a good 3/4 of the game....imo this is not resident evil.......the is stupid remake of re4. I want my rental money back.......
Oh and don't forget to load up on the latest DLC's released by capcom with that rental.

I'm holding off for the run and gun or zombie DLC.

Originally Posted by shizdan View Post
the game is mehhhh......i wish we had some zombies instead of stupid old re4 monster things
It's not like any of the old Resident Evil's anymore, agreed, it's now in the Action game genre, there is no more Survival Horror to it, even the item pickups, whether it's the ribbon for the typewriter or the handle that fits in some machine in the level to turn something in, etc, is all gone.

Having said all that I am getting tremendous enjoyment out of Resident Evil 5, the story is still
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I'm also not impressed by this game. Sure it looks great, but I also feel it is not Resident Evil. It's a very linear corridor action game that has nothing scary compared to the first one. The prerendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles along with the music made the game (RE1) a masterpiece. There's barely any environmental music or surprises this time around and it really feels generic. Good thing you rented it first since you didn't care for it.
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